Feathers are not just for weddings !


We had a wonderful customer last week Nibi Lawson who is quite the entrepreneur it seems with her business The Kinky Apothecary. http://blog.thekinkyapothecary.com/p/about-us.html She was in need of something glam to go with her stunning gown . So we decided on my personal favourite The Paris vest . We had a week of back and fourths trying to get the right style and shade , in the end we went for the jet black shade and boy does she look stunning.

I think you will all agree - feathers are definitely not just for weddings. Feel free to email me for styling services where I can help and guide you with the right colour and style choices. We don't just have bridal shades folks we have steel grey, warm Antique Rose, Rich berry tones and many more. So whatever the occasion, wherever the place we have a feather stole or jacket to suit you ! Please do contact us today with any enquiries or even just to request a swatch card. Would love to speak to you ! I have popped the wonderful image of Nibi below !

Just Gorgeous !


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